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SPECIFICATION TEXT ESSMANN® all-weather double flap

ESSMANN® all-weather double flap for automatic ventilation in the event of a fire, lighting and thermal ventilation with two setting options for daily ventilation. a) Fair weather (ventilation via double flap)
b) Bad weather (ventilation via controllable side flaps)

Manufactured from a welded aluminium profile construction with two flaps, which open from the longitudinal sides. The flaps slope towards the central rain gutter at an angle of 6° in order to keep them clean and drain water away.

Two regulating flaps are positioned on the longitudinal sides of the lower section of the ventilator and are used to control ventilation via a pneumatic cylinder in the event of bad weather.

The pane is a 16 mm "K-Structure" acrylic panel with a U value of 2 W/m²K, with an opal tint, in accordance with DIN 4102 Part 1, class B2 design.

The ESSMANN all-weather double flap is fitted with two pneumatic cylinders for opening and closing. The integrated thermal valve ensures that the flap is activated thermally/automatically at an ambient temperature of 68°C.

- Open/close function
- Opened by compressed air
- Closed by compressed air, locks in both end positions

Can be controlled externally via a fire emergency control box in the event of a fire or via a ventilation control box for daily ventilation; these control options are designed on a project-specific basis.

Technical specifications:

Width of roof opening: _____mm
Length of roof opening: _____mm
Inner flap height: _____mm
Available ventilation area in fair weather: _.__m²
Available ventilation area in bad weather: _.__m²
Available aerodynamic area: _.__m²
Weight: ___kg"