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Energy Efficiency

The aim of the ESSMANN Gebäudetechnik GmbH is - also according to the guidelines of the European Parliament - to proceed so that all their actions usually lead to verifiable and measurable improvements in energy efficiency.

The logo represents the right to develop the ESSMANN Gebäudetechnik GmbH terms of energy efficiency measures in compressed form and thus more memorable, the optimal ratio of output of performance, service, commodity or energy is symbolized in relation to energy use. The focus will be more sustainable than the idea of ​​handling or working with the purely physical energy.

Rising worldwide energy demand and their prices dramatically. Will be sought more and more environmentally friendly and energy-saving solutions that lead to sustainable policies. It is important to reduce the cost pressures and thus strengthen the competitiveness. The use of energy-optimized control technology and innovative products and management systems is therefore of increasing importance.

Through analysis of potential savings as well as investigations of vulnerabilities and their elimination is the primary goal is to reduce energy consumption in the long term. New technologies, such as for example ESSMANN AeroTech as excellent thermal insulation to optimize energy costs are already the balance of the building.

Here you can find list of our energy efficient products.