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ESSMANN® finned ventilator for automatic smoke extraction and thermal ventilation. The finned section consists of a transparent, double-skinned twin-wall profile made of polycarbonate with a coextruded UV protective layer/made of single-skinned aluminium/made of two-skinned aluminium and an EPDM elastic seal on the bottom edge of the fin.

Stainless steel bearing bolts fit into die-cast aluminium side panels, which have double bearings in maintenance-free nylon bushes. An EPDM lip profile is incorporated into the side panel to provide additional sealing.

The extremely stable frame is made of corrosion-resistant, canted and welded aluminium (AlMg3, F23), with an internal rain drainage system and sealing brushes on the rain gutter. All parts are rust-proof.

The ESSMANN finned ventilator is fitted with a pneumatic cylinder for opening and closing the fins. The integrated thermal valve ensures that the flap is activated thermally/automatically at an ambient temperature of 68°C. - Open/close function

- Opened by compressed air
- Locks in open position in the event of a fire
- Closed by spring force

Can be controlled externally via a fire emergency control box in the event of a fire or via a ventilation control box for daily ventilation; these control options are designed on a project-specific basis.

Technical specifications: Box width: _____mm
Box length: _____mm
Flange width: _____mm
Flange length: _____mm
Available geometric area: _.___m²
Available aerodynamic area: _.___m²
Weight: ___kg