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ESSMANN skylight dome classic PC - st
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ESSMANN Lichtkuppel classic PC - st

ESSMANN has completely redefined daylight illumination and energy efficiency standards

In August 2010, the manufacturer of state-of-the-art daylight illumination systems added a further product to its range of skylight domes that offers outstanding energy efficiency. ESSMANN classic PC - st skylight dome is the name of the innovative new system element, which attractively combines the two customer benefits of energy and light efficiency.

Optimised U values and good light diffusion

Depending on requirements, the new skylight dome is fitted with one polycarbonate web plate and one or two arched acrylic skins. Both the PC web plate and the cover skins are integrated into the PVC kerb frame from the tried and trusted ESSMANN classic range of skylight domes. As such, the new skylight dome can be combined and used in conjunction with all of the existing system components in the range of ESSMANN skylight domes.

Three different standard versions offering a total of five different glazing options now give planners even more scope for designing solutions to the widest range of construction challenges and associated requirements:

  • Transparent PC web plate and one arched acrylic skin
  • Transparent PC web plate and two arched acrylic skins
  • ESSMANN AeroTech plate with two arched acrylic skins


The multiple polycarbonate web plates are extremely lightweight compared with glass and have been in use for years in a large number of wall and overhead lighting systems that can allow for virtually any conceivable type of daylight utilisation.

All three versions offer the outstanding advantages of excellent U values and superb light transmission. The skin design of this new generation of skylight domes reduces the level of rain noise indoors compared with conventional products. The version with ESSMANN AeroTech plate offers the additional features of a U value that is comparable to glass but weighs much less, and a very pleasing diffusion of light without noticeably impairing the incidence of daylight.

The manufacturer has provided detailed technical information about the AeroTech system on its homepage at

Benefits at a glance

The new skylight dome is a high quality industrial product that is suitable for installation on the flat roofs of industrial, commercial and retail buildings up to a roof slope of maximum 20 degrees. The new products are compatible with all ESSMANN skylight bases and can be used both for daylight illumination and, optionally, for aeration and ventilation and as a natural smoke and heat extraction system (NSHE) in conjunction with other components offered by the manufacturer of skylight domes.

Integrated into an ESSMANN repair or renovation set, the new skylight dome can, of course, also be retrofitted on, or used to renovate all standard skylight bases.

The classic PC - st skylight dome is the ideal solution for meeting the more stringent requirements for energy efficient approaches to modern industrial and commercial building construction since it scores good marks across the board in terms of its structural-physical properties. Depending on the version of the standard element, Fraunhofer Institute has confirmed a heat transfer coefficient (Ug) of 0.9 - 1.4 W/m²K) and superb light transmission. As such, the new skylight dome already meets the requirements of the next Energy Savings Directives (EnEV), which are expected to become more stringent.

High product quality and mature technology are characteristic of the brand

The ESSMANN skylight dome system has been proving its worth in the marketplace for decades and has elevated the manufacturer to the leading provider in this sector. The elements that comprise the ESSMANN skylight dome system are the result of consistent product improvement and are named as follows:


·         ESSMANN classic skylight dome

·         ESSMANN classic PC - st skylight dome   “NEW”

·         ESSMANN plus skylight dome

·         ESSMANN comfort plus skylight dome

The ESSMANN skylight dome system offers customers any number of options for selecting just the right product to match the relevant application and associated requirements. The spectrum ranges from a standard product for unheated industrial halls right up to a high quality skylight dome made of real glass. All of the system products are equally suited for innovative new construction projects, renovation projects, and for converting or repairing industrial, commercial and retail buildings. The manufacturer's specialist consultants are equipped with appropriate planning and calculation tools to help identify the product that is best suited to the application in question.  

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