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Enhanced daylight combined with numerous additional benefits

ESSMANN AeroTech is the name given to a range of new arcade rooflight and skylight dome equipment that uses translucent aerogel from the silicate-aerogel group of products. The particularly even distribution of light prevents direct sunlight glare and enhances the light comfort in the room. In structural-physical terms, ESSMANN AeroTech offers convincingly good heat insulation coupled with enhanced soundproofing. The manufacturer based in Eastern Westphalia can therefore now offer optimised solutions that meet today's most stringent requirements in terms of innovative daylight systems.

ESSMANN's expertise in the field of arcade rooflights and skylight domes

ESSMANN arcade rooflights and skylight domes are used on the flat roofs of industrial buildings, warehouses, production facilities, supermarkets and other large scale commercial and administration buildings. They are made from high-quality extruded aluminium sections and are available in an arched design or as a saddle version with a 30° or 45° slope. The glazing is generally comprised of multiple, cold-worked polycarbonate web plates designed in compliance with European fire protection regulations. Polycarbonate offers a wide range of options for wall and overhead lighting systems that can allow for virtually any conceivable type of daylight utilisation.

Polycarbonate plates with a core made of translucent aerogel

ESSMANN AeroTech is filled with translucent aerogel, a material with excellent heat insulation and light transmission properties. The low proportion of solid matter in this versatile granulate and its fine-pored texture improve the heat insulation properties. In conjunction with the extremely high degree of transparency, the low thermal conductivity of l = 0.018W/mK enables better use to be made of the roof and façade for daylight illumination, while the heat loss is minimised. A further structural-physical side effect of AeroTech is the enhanced soundproofing it offers.

ESSMANN AeroTech can be used together with a range of different multiple polycarbonate web plates (10, 16, 20 mm) as a glazing system in skylight domes and arcade rooflights. It is UV stable, non-toxic, non-flammable, water repellent and moisture-proof and therefore does not provide a feeding ground for mould and fungus.

As such, the revolutionary new ESSMANN AeroTech highly transparent glazing can provide improved daylight illumination and offers property developers and planners even more scope for design.

Improved energy cost balance

In terms of the energy cost balance, the use of aerogel in the new polycarbonate plate with ESSMANN AeroTech produces a significantly improved U value compared with conventional materials, while at the same time offering optimised light distribution, with virtually no loss of daylight. Renovating arcade rooflights and skylight domes and adding ESSMANN AeroTech can therefore optimise the energy cost balance through improved U values without having to sacrifice the level of daylight illumination.

Improved light incidence and even illumination

ESSMANN AeroTech is a light-dispersing glazing which therefore exerts a positive influence on the even distribution of daylight throughout a room. Thanks to the excellent U value, it can enlarge the incident light area of the skylight domes and arcade rooflights without altering the overall U value of the roof. In practical terms, this produces an extremely high daylight yield while at the same reducing the proportion of artificial light that is needed.

ESSMANN AeroTech improves daylight illumination thanks to its excellent dispersion and transparency, while at the same time sustaining the U value thanks to the very low level of thermal conductivity of the aerogel compared with conventional building materials.

ESSMANN AeroTech – a lightweight solution

Weighing just 3 kg/m² (e.g. PC 16), the new ESSMANN AeroTech plate ranks among the lightweight construction materials. Conventional glazing with comparable heat insulation properties can weigh as much as 10 times more than AeroTech and is therefore statically not sustainable – in the truest sense of the word – for many lightweight construction buildings. Their low weight makes the ESSMANN AeroTech plates virtually predestined for individual lightweight construction halls.

ESSMANN AeroTech provides a solution for construction jobs that are challenging, and both energy and economically efficient. In practical construction terms, this equates to more added value and enhanced assembly conditions.

Now is the time to consider the future!

ESSMANN AeroTech is not just suitable for new construction projects; it is also an excellent solution for roof renovations and for enhancing the energy balance of existing buildings. It therefore offers a particularly efficient solution when renovating commercial and retail properties, but also for schools, kindergartens and public venues – anywhere really that requires even illumination coupled with a marked improvement in heat insulation.

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